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Selfie How To

Lit Shop Selfie How To

Using ambient light balanced with two speedlights for an inspired selfie

After perusing through multiple photographer's Facebook pages I realized they all had one thing in common that I didn't, an awesome creative selfie. I almost felt as if it was a rite of passage as a photographer to have spent the time to get one. That day at the office I decided that I was not going home until I got one worthy of my FB profile pic. I had my shop, 2 speedlights, and a tripod to work with.

For this particular shoot I used the following: (click for links to Amazon)

We have a really cool workbench at the shop that I wanted to use as the background. It has a nice industrial looking light that I decided to use as the ambient to add some character. I then positioned my first speedlight (fitted with a Gary Fong Lightsphere) 2 feet from my right shoulder and about a foot above my head so the light could shine down on my face. I then positioned my second speedlight about 5 feet in front of me so that it could light up the side of my face as I looked towards the first light. I placed the camera on a tripod, manually set the focus, and put a piece of tape on the floor to mark where the focus was set. I set the camera to a 5 second time, hit the shutter, and ran into position. After about 30 tries, I managed to get a keeper.

Camera Settings: (view this image full res on my Flickr page)

  • Aperture: f4.0
  • Shutter Speed: 1/160
  • ISO: 200
  • Focal Length: 66mm

After some basic edits including some cropping, color adjustments, and retouching, VOILA! A cool inspired selfie.